5 Unique Uses for Pinback Buttons

Buttons have been used as political campaigning tools since the times of George Washington. They are also wildly popular as hand-outs at conferences and tradeshows, on college campuses, for arts organizations, marketing promotions, and more. But those aren’t the only places/ways you can use pinback buttons! Sometimes they work well even when they aren’t technically a button!

Pinback Buttons Used as Seating Cards
When two large families become one extra-large family you’ve got a lot of cousins to introduce and not a lot of time to do it in! Why not make it easier on everyone by creating Pinback buttons with everyone’s names on them that also double as seating assignment placards! You could also print the name on the card itself and put the names of the bride & groom (plus the wedding data) on the button as a take home gift for your guests.

Many conferences/conventions hand out pinback buttons as favors that you want to keep, but the pin itself might break after a while. Salvage those old buttons and turn them into magnets to decorate your fridge! Sizes 2.25, 3″ or 2×3″ are popular Button Magnet Sizes.  Simply glue a small magnet (you can buy them at just about any craft store) to the back of your button and voila! You can use the same method to turn you old buttons into pushpins by gluing a pushpin to the underside of the button.

Make Your Next Present Extra Special with Customizable Buttons

When you’re done wrapping your present simply tie a big bow on top and pin a color-coordinated button to the bow to add a little extra pizzazz to your gift.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Button Cupcake Toppers

Remove the pinback itself from the back of your buttons, then cut out a little piece of paper the same size of that button. You can glue a toothpick in between the button and the paper (think of it like a sandwich) and then stick your new cupcake topper into your finished baked goods! Obviously you can’t use a 4 inch button as a cupcake topper (if it’s too top heavy it will just fall over), but a big button would also be a great way to decorate a big cake!

You can use pliers to clip off the sharp end of the pinback and actually bend the metal wire into a hook to create a latch point for either a necklace chain or earring hoop. You can also create a fun charm bracelet with your favorite buttons to keep them around for even longer.

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