Hi everyone.

My name is John and I appreciate your visit to my store. I am a self taught graphic designer who began a few years back by writing, illustrating and publishing my own children's books. My venture into other products began as a test. The plan was using my book characters on shirts, posters and more.

I quickly found out how exciting it was to create products and see the responses from the people willing to purchase them. Yep, I was hooked. Something about the process of designing unique and unusual items was just too much fun to pass up.

Many of the items for sale on this site I designed myself. I have since added a few other, unique items to help expand the offerings. By having a larger selection I hope you find something you want, I can bring in a little income and keep designing new products.

I will continue improving and building the site. The plan is to keep expanding our lineup and test out new offerings. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have. I'm always looking to improve and willing to listen to ideas.

Items listed on the site are supplied by our partners and ship from many different places around the globe. Orders are input immediately, but shipping time varies. Most items will be received in 10 days or less with a few taking up to 30 days. 

The shipping charge of $4.95 for US orders or $7.95 for global is a per order charge, not item. That means with a multi item purchase, you still pay the same shipping charge! So go ahead,  get to shopping. 

Thank you for giving me a chance!